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  • We and Mrs Jones - Worcester, MA
  • Blabpipe - South Windsor, CT
  • OneEleven - Attleboro, MA
  • Freddi Shehadi - Burlington, Vermont
  • Tsunami Of Sound - Natick, MA

SFLM - Fall/Winter Edition 2016

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Latest SFLM News

Latest SFLM News

SFLM News - Updated on Sunday, September 11th 2016

The Fall/Winter 2016 Edition has been released on this day of September 11th 2016! Thanks for visiting today! I am looking forward to your feedback and comments. This magazine has an extensive comment section. All I ask is for you tobe as positive as possible. Also the SFLM social music fanzine is an ever changing publication. New articles and media updates will appear weekly. Only the seasonal spotlight artist theme will remain for the term of the edition. The term or rather legnth ...
SFLM New England Spotlight

Each month we will spotlight 5 local music artists, bands or other music groups.

SFLM Fall/Winter Spotlight: Local Music In New England 2016

Editor's notes:

The bands for this Season's spotlight are:

  1. We and Mrs Jones - Worcester, MA
  2. Blabpipe - South Windsor, CT
  3. OneEleven - Attleboro, MA
  4. Freddi Shehadi  - Burlington, Vermont
  5. Tsunami Of Sound - Natick, MA

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We are Mrs Jones -

Updated band name: "We and the Big Dawg!"

Source: Facebook Band Page

Maddie Jones (aka Mrs Jones) hails from Beaumont Texas which is not surprisingly also home to a large and notable cast of extremely talented musicians, leading us to believe there is something in the water. We are very pleased she makes Worcester her home town now. Her…

This weeks live music picks!

This weeks live music picks in New England.

This Week's Live Music Picks 10/25 - 10/29/2016




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Editor notes and updates: The State names are now linked to the event listings for that State. Also be sure to check out The New England Category as many listings have not been assigned to the State categories yet.

This Week's Live Music Picks!


Wednesday, October 25th, 2016



Noah Lehrman performs in Hamden, CT!
Time: 7 PM - 11:59 PM
Venue: The Outer Space / The Ballroom
Address: 295 Treadwell Street, Hamden, Connecticut 06514
Details: Free show starts at 7:30pm! Catch Noah Lehrman live solo acoustic on October 26 as featured songwriter at The Outer Space / The Ballroom in Hamden, CT!!!




Thursday, October 26th, 2016




Willie J Laws Band Performs in Weymought, MA 
Time:  8 PM - 11:59 PM
Venue: The Next Page Cafe

Address: 550 Broad St, East Weymouth, Massachusetts 02189

Details: Scott Shetler comes back on sax with Willie J Laws Band.


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Sunday's On Going Events

Looking for a special live music event on a Sunday? This listing is for you!

Sunday's On-Going Events (Blues Jams and the like) - 12/21/15

This page is sponsered by the Eccentric Musician Company, in N. Oxford, MA. We are looking for music teachers to fill some openings in our lesson studios. Inquire on the site! Do you have a recent live recording and would like to be part of a monthly compilation release? Inquire on the site! More listings will be added soon for CT, Maine, NH and Vermont. Conneticut: Stomping Ground Open Mic...
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The Bruce Marshall Open Mike Night in Concord, MA

*This Author is independent of this publication the perception of...

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A listing of articles that were transferred from the old version of the SFLM fanzine. Pre-2015

Live Music Review: Bitter Suite in Oxford, MA

This page is sponsored by the Eccentric Musician Company. Focusing on artist develpment with music lessons on site.   The Band "Bitter Suite" Live at the Days End in Oxford, MA on November 23rd, 2013 Refresh for Facebook comentary updates (updated on 11/24/2013@ 10:50 PM)      Sometimes I go out with a friend with no intentions of writing because I just want to relax. On this particular night that was the case. But then I heard the band do a sound check and they peaked...
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An archived collection of our monthly spotlight monthly articles.

SFLM Winter Spotlight of Local Music In New England 2015/16

Editor's notes: Here it is folks, the long overdue article we were waiting for.  I have made the decision that this article will best serve us all as a seasonal...