Glen Edward Peladeau & Igor Khoroshev
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Glen Edward Peladeau & Igor Khoroshev - No more to that life
01-03-2010 This song is available (limited time) to those who have received my promo code. Please enter it below.
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Lyric Written by; Glen Peladeau
Music By; Igor Khoroshev (the band "yes")
Arranged & Produced by; Glen Peladeau (cakewalk remix)
Guitar; Glen Peladeau

A Christian song inspired by a time of spiritual awakening. Please feel free to leave your review below! I am also working on new material which are non-religious but hopefuly just as fullfilling. My inspirations are; Deep Purple, Steve Miller Band, Pink Floyd, Triumph, Rainbow and Ted Nugent. Please visit my myspace for more info;

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Title:  If you could leave your review!
Review:   Hi Glen here, please feel free to listen to the song and give it your review. I hope you like the guitar solo :) You do not have to leave an email address. Thanks in advance!
Name:  Glen Peladeau  
Title:  It might be the Christian thing I donít know.
Review:   I was able to listen to it. I listened to it five times. It might work better if there was an intro but I donít know. When you sing lower your vocals get buried by the music. That was my observations about it. It might be the Christian thing I donít know.
Name:  Jim L  

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